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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Effect of sucrose concentration on the growth of seedling developed from protocorms of C. macranthos Sw. after 5 months of culture

Sucrose conc. (g·L-1)Fresh weight (mg)Dry weight (mg)RootBud

No.Length (cm)Diameter (mm)Formation (%)Length (cm)Diameter (mm)
063.1 dz5.8 d1.9 d1.4 c0.7 b28.6 dz3.5 c1.2 b
10266.9 a29.5 a6.4 a2.7 a1.0 a80.7 a7.9 a1.7 a
20157.1 b17.4 b5.6 ab2.2 ab1.0 a74.4 ab8.1 a1.6 a
30121.5 c12.9 c4.3 b1.8 b0.9 a70.5 b6.2 b1.7 a
40119.0 c12.2 c4.1 c1.8 b1.0 a52.3 c5.9 b1.8 a

Mean separation by Duncan’s multiple range test at P ≤ 0.05. conc.: concentration. No.: Number

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