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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Troubleshooting conditions for optimization of the phos-tag gel in different running buffers

Experimental conditionsResults

Phos – tag (µM)ZnCl2 / MnCl2 (µM)Gel %Running bufferNaHSO3Gel ElectrophoresisAfter transfer to PVDF membrane
100200a6%1 X Tris- Glycine-bDistortedDistorted
501008%1 X Tris- Glycine-DistortedDistorted
1002008%1 X Tris- Glycine-DistortedDistorted
10020012%1 X Tris- Glycine-DistortedDistorted
255010%1 X MOPS+cPartially OKPartially OK
306010%1 X MOPS+Partially OKPartially OK
501008%1 X MOPS+Partially OKPartially OK
5010012%1 X MOPS+Partially OKPartially OK
255010%1 X Tris- Glycine+V. GoodV. Good
255012%1 X Tris- Glycine+GoodGood
5010010%1 X Tris- Glycine-DistortedDistorted
10020010%1 X Tris- Glycine+V. GoodV. Good


MnCl2 was used instead of ZnCl2,

- indicates the absence of NaHSO3 in running buffer during gel electrophoresis,

+ indicates the presence of NaHSO3 in running buffer during gel electrophoresis.

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