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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

The effect of two dehydration methods on the survival rate and regrowth percentages of the control (-LN) and cryopreserved (+LN) zygotic embryos of the rubber tree treated with encapsulation dehydration protocol

Dehydration methodDehydration time (h)Moisture content (%)+LN-LN

Survival rate (%)Regrowth (%)Survival rate (%)Regrowth (%)
silica gel062.50±19.30093.73± 7.6a90.37± 9.3a
619.12± 8.60085.80±12.6a81.00±14.3a
915.74± 7.50083.63±16.2a79.73± 9.7a
1212.32± 5.50075.87±10.8a71.37±12.5a
air dying062.32±15.60092.00± 7.9a89.45± 9.2a
235.03±12.312.32± 5.6c7.08±2.3c93.15± 8.1a90.55±7.6a
325.12± 8.327.05± 7.9b16.85±6.3b90.65±12.6a88.63±7.1a
415.54± 4.537.50±10.6a27.98±7.9a89.75±10.9a83.03± 8.5a
512.05± 7.632.03±12.3ab15.05±8.6b87.63± 7.9a85.72± 9.1a

Values (mean values ± SE) within the column of each parameter for each treatment followed by the same letter were not significantly different based on the Duncan’s multiple range test (P<0.05)

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