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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Fruit characteristics of blueberry cultivars tested in this study

CultivarsFruit weight (g)Total soluble solid content (˚Brix)Titratable acidity (%)
Duke1.44 cz 9.70 g0.95 d
Weymouth1.12 de13.50 e1.25 bcd
Rancocas1.57 bc11.70 f1.45 abc
Blue Gold0.83 g14.17 de1.67 a
North Blue1.04 ef13.97 e1.13 cd
Sunrise1.18 de13.97 e0.94 d
Sierra1.22 d16.60 a1.15 cd
Brigitta0.94 fg15.17 bc1.75 a
Coville1.60 b15.50 b1.17 cd
Nelson1.88 a14.67 cd1.51 ab

Different letters indicate significance at the P value < 0.05 (n=3).

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