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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Activities of ABTS, DPPH, and hydroxy radical scavenging in Korean cultivated blueberries

CultivarsABTS+ radical scavenging (10 mg·mL-1, %)DPPH radical Scavenging (10 mg·mL-1, %)Hydroxy radical scavenging (10 mg·mL-1, %)
Duke58.97 dz62.05 b64.77 c
Weymouth76.95 ab50.53 cde64.84 c
Rancocas82.19 a75.96 a63.68 c
Blue Gold79.62 a60.68 bc67.68 bc
North Blue74.36 abc59.66 bc66.31 c
Sunrise55.42 d42.73 e55.50 d
Sierra61.84 cd60.09 bc72.39 a
Brigitta63.14 bcd48.65 de71.01 ab
Coville53.07 d62.68 b50.62 e
Nelson77.76 a58.09 bcd72.98 a

Different letters indicate significance at the P value<0.05 (n=3).

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