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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Effect of growth regulators combination (2,4-D, BA and NAA) on the callus formation of ginger

Plant growth regulators (mg/L)Callus induction frequency (%) in different nitrogen level

2,4-DBANAAStandard MS medium MS1 MS2 MS3 MS4
1.0--15.66±1.45g8.66 ±1.76d17.66±4.40g21.0 ±2.51g14.66±2.60g
1.5--18.33±1.20fg9.66 ±0.66d23.0 ±1.0g32.33±2.33f25.0 ±2.30f
2.0--25.0 ±1.73de18.0 ±1.52c35.33±2.33ef42.33±2.96e42.66±3.17d
2.5--21.0 ±2.64efg15.66±1.76c32.33±1.76f34.33±2.33f33.66±1.85e
2.00.3-27.33±2.18de17.66±1.85c42.0 ±3.78de51.66±1.76d41.0 ±4.35de
2.00.5-29.66±0.66d20.0 ±0.57c49.66±1.20cd81.66±2.02b51.66±2.18c
2.01.0-24.33±2.02def17.66±1.45c48.0 ±2.30d66.66±4.63c57.33±3.17c ±1.52c26.33±2.18b56.66±1.20bc81.66±2.3b66.33±2.02b±4.09a31.33±1.20a69.0 ±1.52a92.0 ±2.08a76.0 ±2.88a±2.02b29.66±2.02ab63.33±4.25ab75.0 ±2.30b70.0 ±2.64ab

Values are expressed as the mean ± SE, taking ten explants in each experiment with three replications. Within each group, values with different letters indicate significant difference at P ≥ 0.05 using Duncan’s multiple range test (DMRT)

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