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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Reducing power ability of the Citrus grandis leaves according to different ethanol concentrations and distilled water

Extracts100 μg/mL200 μg/mL300 μg/mL
Distilled water extract0.097±0.004 b0.189±0.002 b0.269±0.07 b
20% ethanol extract0.075±0.004 cd0.157±0.007 cd0.214±0.013 c
40% ethanol extract0.087±0.004 bc0.177±0.007 bc0.231±0.004 bc
60% ethanol extract0.076±0.008 cd0.180±0.006 bc0.231±0.022 bc
80% ethanol extract0.080±0.003 bcd0.158±0.008 cd0.215±0.008 c
100% ethanol extract0.063±0.006 d0.146±0.006 d0.234±0.002 bc

α-Tocopherol0.248±0.006 a0.603±0.029 a0.950±0.026 a

Values are mean value ± standard deviation (SD) of duplicate determinations. The values with the same superscript letter along the same column are not significantly different (p<0.05)

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