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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Extraction yields and total phenolic content of the Citrus grandis leaves obtained according to different ethanol concentrations and distilled water

ExtractsYield (%)aTotal phenol (mg GAE/g)b
Distilled water extract20.70±1.36 c628.27±28.11 a
20% ethanol extract27.62±0.91 a486.32±19.40 c
40% ethanol extract23.77±0.98 b557.92±20.30 b
60% ethanol extract21.22±1.60 c543.60±10.53 b
80% ethanol extract23.75±0.29 b466.40±3.50 c
100% ethanol extract3.82±0.31 d568.82±30.42 b

Values are mean value ± standard deviation (SD) of duplicate determinations. The values with the same superscript letter along the same column are not significantly different (p<0.05)

Percentage yield from the dried plant material

Total phenolic content analyzed as gallic acid equivalent (GAE) mg/g of extract

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