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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

The result of the DPPH and ABTS radical scavenging in Citrus grandis leaves according to different ethanol concentrations and distilled water

ExtractsDPPH RC50 (μg/mL)aABTS RC50 (μg/mL)a
Distilled water extract375.21±2.99 d180.42±4.95 b
20% ethanol extract240.26±10.05 c218.02±2.38 b
40% ethanol extract192.55±0.95 bc300.67±9.54 c
60% ethanol extract196.38±2.66 bc311.78±15.03 c
80% ethanol extract174.32±8.45 b482.73±13.51 d
100% ethanol extract> 500 e> 500 e

L-Ascorbic acid1.21±0.04 a3.48±0.02 a
α-Tocopherol3.98±0.01 a11.72±0.04 a
Butylated hydroxytoluene42.66±1.81 a

Values are mean value ± standard deviation (SD) of duplicate determinations. The values with the same superscript letter along the same column are not significantly different (p<0.05)

RC50: Amount required for a 50% reduction of DPPH (ABTS) free radicals after 30 minutes

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