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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1.

Expression of OsTPS30 in rice plants exposed to gamma irradiation and overexpression of OsTPS30 in transgenic A. thaliana plants. (A) Rice seeds irradiated with gamma-rays at 100, 200, or 400 Gy. (B) OsNAC10 was used as a positive control for the gamma irradiation. The OsTPS30 transcript levels were analyzed using qRT-PCR, and normalized against those of OsACT. (C) Schematic diagram of the CaMV35S:OsTPS30-GFP plasmid construct used to generate the OsTPS30-overexpressing transgenic plant lines. (D) OsTPS30 transcript levels were analyzed using qRT-PCR. Transcript levels were standardized against those of AtACT2. (E) A linalool Analysis of total terpenoid of OX-OsTPS30 (#2-1, #9-17) and WT plants. Data is presented as the mean ± standard deviation for the three biological replicates. Asterisks indicate significant differences in the data for non-irradiated plants (0 Gy) or for the WT plants (Ler) at P < 0.05 (One-way ANOVA)

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