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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Morphological character and disease resistance of HK13-1151 and T13-1084 inbred line used for the tomato marker assisted backcrossing program

Line Growth habit Maturity days Fruit shape Av. fruit weight (g) Fruit color Shoulder color* Firmness** Brixº  Disease resistance***
HK13-1151 Indeterminate 100-110 Cylindrical 300.5 Pink G F 6.0 Ty1, Ty3, Tm2a, F2, F3, Fr, Ve, N, Cf, Ph3, Sw5
T13-1084 Indeterminate 90-110 Cylindrical 201.3 rin U FF 5.0 Tm2a, F2, N, Cf, Sw5

Shoulder color: U (uniform), G (green),

Firmness : MF (medium firm), F (firm), FF (very firm),

Disease resistance : Ty1 and Ty3 (Tomato yellow leaf curl virus), Tm2a (Tomato mosaic virus), F2 (Fusarium race 2), F3 (Fusarium race 3), Fr (Fusarium radicis), Ve (Verticilium), N (Nematode), Cf (Cadosporium), Ph3 (Phytophthora infestans), Sw5 (Tomato spotted wilt virus)

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