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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Total phenolic and flavonoid content in extracts of the sweet wormwood tea

Solvent usedTotal phenolic content (mg GAEx/g of dry extract)Total flavonoid content (mg QEy/g of dry extract)
Distilled water111.79±0.79 d11.12±0.44 d
20% Ethanol121.34±0.87 b18.65±0.26 a
40% Ethanol129.17±0.42 a16.62±0.15 b
60% Ethanol129.59±0.16 a15.10±0.26 c
80% Ethanol127.99±0.50 a16.29±0.54 b
99.5% Ethanol115.44±0.54 c14.41±0.64 c

Values are expressed as mean±SD (n=3) Means with a column with the different letters (a-d) are significantly different (Tukey, p>0.05).

GAE: gallic acid equivalent.

QE: quercentin equivalent.

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