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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Phenolic compound content in extracts of sweet wormwood tea

Phenolic compoundSamplex (mg/g)

Benzoic acid group
Benzoic acidNDyNDNDNDND0.290 a
Protocatecuic acid0.036 bND0.031 bND0.054 a0.159 a
p-Hydroxybenzoicacid0.779 d0.541 f0.791 c0.739 e1.101 b1.683 a
Vanillic acidNDNDNDND0.101 aND

Cinamic acid group
Caffeic acidNDNDNDND0.085 a0.092 a
p-Coumaric acid0.086 e0.010 f0.124 d0.149 c0.380 b0.705 a
Ferullic acidNDND0.076 d0.100 c0.305 b0.391 a
Sinapinic acid0.593 e0.477 f0.765 d0.928 c1.407 a1.069 b
Chlorogenic acid4.557 f5.585 e8.279 d10.276 b14.243 a10.030 c

Flavonoid group
Rutin6.446 d5.807 e5.153 f6.791 c8.163 b8.619 a
Taxifolin1.009 f1.259 e1.138 d1.576 c1.983 b2.577 a
Narirutin1.485 ab0.631 d0.715 d0.889 c1.389 b1.582 a
Hesperidin2.480 e1.811 f2.800 d5.234 c7.360 a6.603 b
Neohesperidin0.098 e0.200 b0.139 c0.109 d0.206 b0.433 a
Myricetin2.853 f3.383 e4.071 d4.518 c5.386 b6.845 a
Naringenin0.015 d0.495 c0.542 c0.735 b0.910 a0.580 c
Rhamnetin4.215 d10.350 c11.993 b14.332 aNDND
Nobiletin1.111 f3.468 e4.784 d5.421 c7.183 b8.714 a
TangeretinND0.080 e0.202 d0.272 c0.408 b0.489 a

Values are expressed as mean (n=3) Means with a row with the different letters (a-f) are significantly different (Tukey, p>0.05)

Sample abbreviation: 0EE, distilled water extract; 20EE, 20% ethanol extract; 40EE, 40% ethanol extract; 60EE, 60% ethanol extract; 80EE, 80% ethanol extract; 99.5EE, 99.5% ethanol extract.

ND: not detected.

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