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Table. 4.

Table. 4.

Antioxidant values for extract of sweet wormwood tea

Solvent usedTEAC (mM TEx/g)ORAC (mM TE/g)FRAP (mM FEy/g)
Distilled water445.42±10.61 b2532.86±268.71 c900.87±3.93 d
20% Ethanol498.33±11.29 a4093.42±374.56 ab1038.80±8.55 c
40% Ethanol503.18±11.02 a4638.20±699.85 a1103.04±4.28 b
60% Ethanol499.55±12.02 a3268.62±224.34 bc1103.00±2.63 b
80% Ethanol440.51±07.87 b2853.15±549.22 bc1168.08±9.80 a
99.5% Ethanol385.78±08.56 c3421.34±624.12 bc906.52±7.53 d

Values are expressed as mean±SD (n=3). Means with a column with the different letters (a-d) are significantly different (Tukey, p>0.05).

TE: trolox equivalent.

FE: FeSO4 equivalent.

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