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Table. 5.

Table. 5.

ɑ-Glucosidase inhibition activities in extracts of sweet wormwood tea

Solvent usedɑ-Glucosidase inhibition activity (%)

125 µg/mL250 µg/mL500 µg/mL1000 µg/mL
Distilled water52.36±0.56 d68.15±0.92 c81.56±0.34 c84.18±0.31 b
20% Ethanol65.65±0.48 b77.04±0.73 b85.47±0.28 b82.60±0.53 c
40% Ethanol69.59±0.39 a81.26±0.49 a89.27±0.26 a92.45±0.35 a
60% Ethanol54.48±0.62 c76.63±0.66 bc88.50±0.24 a92.87±0.28 a
80% Ethanol7.90±1.19 f27.11±2.14 g62.15±0.61 f83.77±0.48 c
99.5% Ethanol8.15±1.04 f33.69±1.91 f69.70±0.45 d84.99±0.25 b

Acarbose24.45±0.96 e46.40±1.70 e64.32±0.44 e82.81±0.24 c

Values are expressed as mean±SD (n=3). Means with a column with the different letters (a-g) are significantly different (Tukey, p>0.05).

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