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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. Immature embryos of different maize genotypes develop two types of calliviz., non-embryogenic (A) and embryogenic calli (B-F). Embryogenic calli further differentiated into Type I, which is compact and less regenerative (B), and Type II embryogenic calli that are friable, loose, and more regenerative (C-F). Genotypes NM81A and NM5883 resulted in non-embryogenic calli (A). At some hormonal concentrations, few calli develop into an E. callus, which is a Type I callus along with a non-embryogenic callus (B); NM5884 has the most suitable genotype, which results in more Type II calli and more plantlet regeneration (C); genotype NM74C showed mixed results based on hormonal concentration and has comparatively less Type II callus
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