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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Effect of shooting position and time on transient gene expression

Plasmids % of luc or gus/ PPT positive FEC clumpsa # of transgenic lines / 100 mg FECb

Control 90 degree rotation Control 90 degree rotation
PAHC25 2.3±0.2ac 7.5±1.1b 37.5±7.5a 64.5±8.6b
PBL9780 1.5±0.1a 9.4±2.4b 48.5±2.2a 147.5±15.9b

aData was measured 4 weeks after transformation

bData was measured 8 weeks after transformation

cMeans followed by different letters are significantly different at the P=0.05 level.

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