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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Effect of osmotic treatments on transient gene expression and recovery of transgenic lines

Plasmids Treatmenta % of PPT positive FECb % of luc+/gus+ FECb % of browningc # of somatic embryos / 100 FEC clumpsc
PAHC25 A 23.5±1.7cd 3.1±0.2b 2.5±0.6b 13.5±0.5b
B 31.4±1.3b 2.6±0.4b 3.3±0.7b 14.4±4.1b
C 43.4±4.7a 8.5±1.7a 1.2±0.1b 36.5±3.6a
Control 26.5±1.1c 3.5±0.3b 10.1±0.6a 11.4±2.1b
PBL9780 A 18.5±3.3a 5.5±1.6c 2.2±0.1b 12.2±3.5c
B 22.6±4.9a 6.4±0.1b 5.3±0.9a 15.6±2.8b
C 26.9±3.2a 14.5±1.5a 1.5±0.1b 22.9±6.2a
Control 19.4±2.2a 4.2±0.4c 8.5±2.8a 9.5±2.4c

aTreatment A (0.2 M mannitol), B (0.2M sorbitol), C (0.2M mannitol + 0.2M sorbitol), control (no osmoticum)

bData was measured 6 (PPT) and 8 weeks (LUC/GUS assay) after transformation by counting the number of positive clumps

cData was measured 12 weeks after transformation by counting the number of tissues with browning and somatic embryos, respectively.

dMeans followed by different letters are significantly different at the P=0.05 level.

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