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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Tomato variety used for the quantification of functional compounds in this study

Variety Fruit Colora Fruit Sizeb Typec
SJG0009 Red Big Inbred
SJG0025 Red Big Inbred
Gold Nugget Orange Small Inbred
LA0797 Red Big Inbred
LA1996 Red Big Inbred
LA4425 Red Small Inbred
NC84173 Red Big Inbred
SJG0088 Pink Big Inbred
PI564169 Orange Middle Inbred
PI647532 Yellow Big Inbred
Tropic Red Big Inbred
SJG0214 Red Middle Inbred
M82 Red Middle Inbred
SGJ0303 Red Middle Inbred
Alisa Craig Red Middle Inbred
Black Plum Brown Small Inbred
Gold Ball Yellow Middle Inbred
San Marzano Red Middle Inbred
Yellow Pear Yellow Small Inbred
Yellow Stuffer Yellow Big Inbred
Cherokee Purple Pink Big Inbred
SJG0404 Orange Middle Inbred
PI114490 Yellow Small Inbred
Toast Red Big F1
GS Red Red Big F1
Marathon Pink Big F1
K-star Pink Big F1
Rapito Pink Big F1
Black Ace Brown Middle F1
Orange Orange Middle F1
Candy Red Small F1
Crown Red Small F1
Mini Chal Red Small F1
Miracle Red Small F1
Yellow Yellow Small F1

aFruit color was determined visually from fruit exterior

bFruit size was determined based on the range of fresh weight: Small=0~60 g, Middle=61~150 g, Big= >150 g

cInbred is a genetically homozygous heirloom (landrace) or breeding line introduced from the USA and Europe. F1 is a commercial hybrid cultivar. In this study, all of these plants are referred to as variety in common

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