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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Amino acid content of herbicide-tolerant GM Z. japonica and the parental non-GM species

Amino acid (Mol %) Parental GM
Cysteine 1.91±0.23a 2.03±0.22a
Asparagine 13.48±4.75a 11.86±1.94a
Glutamine 11.70±0.63a 11.37±1.09a
Serine 6.15±0.63a 5.96±0.55a
Glycine 9.11±0.94a 9.13±0.72a
Histidine 1.66±0.19a 1.59±0.17a
Arginine 4.18±0.24a 4.00±0.19a
Threonine 5.09±0.50a 5.20±0.47a
Alanine 10.41±1.26a 10.77±0.33a
Proline 6.04±0.34a 5.87±0.53a
Tyrosine 1.96±0.30a 2.01±0.08a
Valine 6.49±0.75a 6.52±0.13a
Methionine 1.73±0.10a 1.81±0.14a
Isoleucine 4.31±0.32a 4.71±0.62a
Leucine 8.25±0.70a 8.84±1.36a
Phenylalanine 3.81±0.52a 4.25±0.99a
Tryptophan 0.00±0.00a 0.00±0.00a
Lysine 3.73±0.86a 4.11±1.38a

Cysteine, cysteine+cystine; Asparagine, asparagine+aspartic acid; Glutamine, glutamine+glutamic acid.

Values are means ± SD (n = 3).

Values with the same letters in each row are not significantly different (p<0.05), according to a t-test.

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