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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. The nitrogen-induced gene expression regulation pathway. The NODULE-INCEPTION-LikeProteins(NLP) transcription factor group includes nitrate reactive cis-element (NRE) binding proteins, whichoperateastranscriptionalactivators in the nitrate-regulated expression of downstream genes. Under a high nitrate external concentration, the nitrate absorption operates through the RNRT1 / NPF series of the nitrate carrier (LAT). Rice LAT is involved in the uptake of root nitrate by NRT1.1B. CPK10, CPK30, and CPK32 act as major calcium mediators in primary nitrate reactions. Theyareinvolved in the regulation of primary nitrate reactions and downstream signaling. NLP binds to NRE to play an important role in nitrate signaling and nitrate-regulated gene expression. Nitrate-CPK-NLP networks are involved in nitrate signaling, where phosphorylation of NLP is important. Nitrate assimilation (NR) regulates the expression of nitrate transporters and other related genes (OsNIA, OsNIR, OsGS, OsNADH-GOGAT, OaFd-GOGAT, and OsGDH)
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