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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Induction parameters for the three durum wheat varieties obtained on two induction media (IM1 and IM2) after 4 weeks of culture and their effects on callus regeneration, plantlet regeneration, and number of plantlets per regenerating callus

Variety Callus induction (%) Callus survival after bombardment (%) Callus regeneration (%) Plantlet regeneration (%) Number of plantlets per regenerating callus
‘Amria’ 92.29a 95.77a 4.64b 21.26b 2.55ab
‘Chaoui’ 89.79a 98.76a 4.90b 17.42b 2.10b
‘Isly’ 93.75a 99.07a 14.48a 53.71a 4.08a

LSD 4.72 3.63 5.25 19.08 1.74

IM1 94.58a 98.17a 8.26a 30.16a 2.85a
IM2 89.30b 97.56a 7.76a 31.43a 2.97a

LSD 3.85 2.96 4.29 15.58 1.42

Use of the same letter “a” or “b” indicates that the results are not significantly different at α=0.05 according to the Least Significant Difference (LSD) test.

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