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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Influence of various inorganic salt treatments on plants

Treatment Shoot growth Withering rate Leaf appearance SPAD chlorophyll value Root growthb (cm)

Shoot growth No. of shoots/explantsb No. of leaves Withering rate Leaf length Leaf width (cm)
T1 12.64±0.23a 1.00±0.00 19.8±1.08a 1±0.61b 3.31±0.52d 2.34±0.34b 31.83±5.08a 6.91±0.93bc
T2 5.74±1.08d 1.20±0.22 12.8±0.89d 1.4±0.57b 3.88±0.14cd 2.33±0.09b 23.92±5.93b 9.13±2.76ab
T3 8.11±1.65c 1.40±0.45 16.75±1.31c 0.75±0.48b 4.33±0.5bc 2.63±0.23b 15.8±0.99c 3.46±0.26d
T4 1.88±0.21e 1.00±0.00 7±1e 4.6±0.76a 2.02±0.08e 1.32±0.14c 2.23±0.98d 9.3±1.25a
T5 7.03±0.98c 1.40±0.27 18.2±0.96bc 6.6±1.3a 3.62±0.12d 2.44±0.06b 17.9±3.75bc 6.64±0.48c
T6 10.75±0.56b 1.00±0.00 17.2±2.41c 5.2±2.54a 5.66±0.31a 3.44±0.31a 18.03±4.41bc 7.46±0.33abc
T7 10.6±0.58b 1.00±0.00 16±1.47c 4.75±1.89a 4.51±0.54bc 3.11±0.25a 20.05±3.67bc 6.89±1.33bc
T8 10.52±1.31b 1.00±0.00 17.33±1.26bc 1.33±0.58b 4.78±0.36b 3.37±0.24a 31.73±2.39a 7.21±0.7abc

*T1 (Control, BFM;Basal Formulation Medium); T2 (BFM without NH4+); T3 (BFM without NO3-); T4 (BFM without H2PO4-); T5 (BFM without K+); T6 (BFM without Ca2+); T7 (BFM without Mg2+); T8 (BFM without Fe3+). **Each value represents the mean±standard error of at least three replicates.

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