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Table. 10.

Table. 10.

Prediction toxicity of the test and comparison compounds

Compound Toxicity

LD50* Group LD50* LD50* Hepatic toxicity** Skin irritation**
Dodecanoic acid 555 mg/kg IV No No No
Tetradecanoic acid 555 mg/kg IV No No No
9-Amino-8-imino-2-(2-imino-2H-chromen-3-yl) 555 mg/kg IV No No No
1,5,7,10-tetraaza-phenanthren-9-one 274 mg/kg III No Yes No
Remdesivir 1000 mg/kg IV No Yes No

* : Predicted using the Protox Online Tool

** : Predicted using the pkCSM Online Tool

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