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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. Identification of WAT1-like genes in the P. ginseng genome. (A) Phylogenetic analysis of AtWAT1s, SlWAT1s, PgWAT1-1 (GenBank accession number OP115969), PgWAT1-2 (OP115970), PgWAT2-1 (OP115971), and PgWAT2-2 (OP115972). The phylogenetic tree was constructed using the MEGA7 program. Bootstrap values were obtained by 1000 bootstrap replicates. At, Arabidopsis thaliana; Sl and Solyc, Solanum lycopersicum; Pg, Panax ginseng. (B) Amino acid sequence alignment of the WAT1 proteins of A. thaliana, tomato, and P. ginseng constructed using SMS ( Conserved domains were predicted using the Pfam v33.1 database ( (C) Protein topology of AtWAT1, SlWAT1, PgWAT1-1, and PgWAT2-1 predicted by TOPCONS ( and their calculated ΔG values across the sequence. (D) Putative diagrams of tonoplast-anchored PgWAT1-1 and PgWAT2-1 proteins. Red and blue lines indicate intra- and extra-cellular domains, respectively. TM, transmembrane domain
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