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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. PgWAT1-1 and PgWAT2-1 function in facilitating secondary growth in plants. (A) Representative shoot growth phenotypes of Slwat1 loss-of-function mutant (Slwat1-copi) and Slwat1-copi plants overexpressing PgWAT1-like genes (PgWAT1-1/Slwat1-copi and PgWAT2-1/Slwat1-copi) at 40 days after germination (DAG). Scale bar = 5 cm. (B) Quantification of secondary growth (diameter of the 2nd internode) of the indicated plants at 45 DAG. Dots represent all values [n = 6; P < 0.05; repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVA) with Tukey’s multiple range test]. (C) Western blot image of PgWAT1-1 and PgWAT2-1 protein levels in Slwat1-copi plants. (D) Representative images of secondary xylem in the stems of the tomato genotypes (Fig. 4B). Autofluorescence was used to visualize secondary cell walls (SCW) in xylem tissue, and secondary xylems were colored in bright field images. Scale bar = 200 µm. (E) Quantification of xylem cell numbers in the indicated genotypes. Dots represent all values. Each box is located between the upper and lower quartiles, and the whiskers represent the lowest or highest data point within the 1.5 interquartile range of the lower or upper quartile. The mean is represented in the boxes by thick horizontal lines, and all values are represented by dots [n = 20; P < 0.05; repeated measures ANOVA with Tukey’s multiple range test]
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