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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. Multiple alignment of the sequences containing InDel and SNP used to develop the PCR-based markers. Sequences of S. acaule (SA11; MK036506; this study), S. brevicaule (SB2-1; MK036507; Park 2022), S. demissum (SD9; MK036508; Cho et al. 2019), S. tuberosum (Stub; KM489056; Cho et al. 2016), S. commersonii (Scmr; KM489054; Cho et al. 2016), S. bulbocastanum (Sblb; DQ347958; Daniell et al. 2006), S. chacoense (Scha MF471371; Kim and Park 2019), and S. stoloniferum (Ssto; MF471373; Kim and Park 2020a) were used and listed from top to bottom for each InDel and SNP region. The InDel and SNP regions detected on the S. acaule regions are highlighted and underlined, and the restriction site is indicated by red color and bold text
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