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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. Products obtained after using the finally selected primer combinations for one-step multiplex RT-PCR (mRT-PCR) analysis for the simultaneous detection of pathogens from astringent persimmon leaves. (A) One-step monoplex-, duplex-, and mRT-PCR results, Lane M: 100-bp size marker, Lane 1 to 3: PeCV, PeVA, and CVd-VI, Lane 4: PeVA+CVd-VI, Lane 5: PeCV+CVd-VI, Lane 6: PeCV+PeVA, Lane 7: PeCV+PeVA+CVd-VI. (B) Sensitivity test for the mRT-PCR results, Lane 1 to 8: total RNA diluted by 10-1 to 10-8
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