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Table. 5.

Table. 5.

Phytochemical analysis of methanolic root tuber extracts of Holostemma annulare

Phytochemicals Test Inference of phytoconstituents In vivo root tubers In vitro root tubers
Alkaloids Wagner’s test Formation of yellow or brown precipitate +++ ++
Dragendorff’s test Formation of a reddish-brown precipitate ++ ++

Flavonoids Alkaline test A yellow color observed at the ammonia layer + ++
Shinoda test A pink, scarlet, crimson red, or occasionally green to blue color appeared after a few minutes +++ +

Triterpenoids Salkowski test A red-brown color formed at the interface ++ +

Tannins FeCl3 test Formation of bluish black color + +

Phenols - Formation of greenish-black color + +

Anthraquinones - Appearance of red color - -

Carbohydrates Molisch’s test A reddish-violet or purple ring at the junction of the two liquids ++ +

Saponins Foam test Stable foam

Protein Biuret test Formation of purple or violet color + +

Phytosterol Liebermann-Burchard test A brown ring formation at the junction ++

(‘+’ for presence, ‘−’ for absence)

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