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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Effects of four cytokinin types on the shoot growth of the Atractylodes ovata

Treatments Conc. (mg/L) No. of shoots Shoot length (cm) Length of leaf with petioles (cm) Leaf area (cm2) Fresh weight of shoot (g/plant)
Control - 1.6±0.5b 5.3±0.4abz 4.8±1.4cd 398.9±112.6bc 0.6±0.1b

BA 0.5 1.4±0.9b 5.8±0.6a 6.1±1.6a 526.3±155.8a 0.8±0.1ab
1 2.8±1.1ab 6.3±0.7a 5.9±1.5ab 454.1±172.1ab 1.0±0.3a

Zeatin 0.5 2.4±1.5ab 6.0±1.2a 6.3±1.6a 508.5±212.1ab 0.9±0.2ab
1 2.4±1.3ab 5.4±0.5ab 4.8±1.5cd 311.2±109.5cd 0.7±0.2b

Kinetin 0.5 2.0±0.7b 6.0±0.2a 5.2±1.5bc 470.5±203.4ab 0.8±0.2b
1 3.8±1.9a 4.8±1.3b 4.3±1.6d 298.5±138.6cd 0.9±0.2ab

TDZ 0.5 4.0±1.4a 3.0±0.2c 3.4±0.9e 195.5±71.3de 0.4±0.2c
1 1.6±0.6b 3.7±0.5c 3.1±0.7e 138.9±59.2e 0.3±0.1c

ZMean seperation within columns by Duncan’s multi range test (P ≤ 0.05)

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