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J Plant Biotechnol 2017;44:207-348
Isolation and Expression of Dormancy-associated protein 1 (DRM1) in Poplar (Populus alba × P. glandulosa)
Seo-Kyung Yoon, Eun-Kyung Bae, Hyunmo Choi, Young-Im Choi, and Hyoshin Lee
J Plant Biotechnol 2017;44:207-207
Research Articles
Genome-wide analysis of heterosis-related genes in non-heading Chinese cabbage
Hankuil Yi, Jeongyeo Lee, Hayong Song, Xiangshu Dong, and Yoonkang Hur
J Plant Biotechnol 2017;44:208-219
Analysis of ZjWRKY3, ZjWRKY7 induced by multiple stress in Zoysia japonica
Woo-Nam Kim, In-Ja Song, Hong-Gyu Kang, Hyeon-Jin Sun, Dae-Hwa Yang, Yong-Eok Lee, Yong-Ik Kwon, and Hyo-Yeon Lee
J Plant Biotechnol 2017;44:220-228
Gene expression analysis related to ethylene induced female flowers of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) at different photoperiod
Muhammad Maulana Malikul Ikram, Rizkita Rachmi Esyanti, and Fenny Martha Dwivany
J Plant Biotechnol 2017;44:229-234
Molecular markers based on chloroplast and nuclear ribosomal DNA regions which distinguish Korean-specific ecotypes of the medicinal plant Cudrania tricuspidata Bureau
Soo Jin Lee, Yong-Wook Shin, Yun-Hee Kim, and Shin-Woo Lee
J Plant Biotechnol 2017;44:235-242
Discrimination of Korean rice varieties as revealed by DNA profiling and its relationship with genetic diversity
Me-Sun Kim, Jae-Young Song, Kwon-Kyoo Kang, and Yong-Gu Cho
J Plant Biotechnol 2017;44:243-263
Interplay between Brassinosteroid and ABA signaling during early seedling development
Hyemin Kim, Jeongeui Hong, Yong-Gu Cho, Kwon Kyoo Kang, and Hojin Ryu
J Plant Biotechnol 2017;44:264-270
Overexpression of Brassica rapa GROWTH-REGULATING FACTOR genes in Arabidopsis thaliana increases organ growth by enhancing cell proliferation
Joon Ki Hong, Seon-Woo Oh, Jeong Hoe Kim, Seung Bum Lee, Eun Jung Suh, and Yeon-Hee Lee
J Plant Biotechnol 2017;44:271-286
Overexpression of the Small Heat Shock Protein, PtsHSP19.3 from Marine Red Algae, Pyropiatenera(Bangiales, Rhodophyta) Enhances Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Chlamydomonas
Yujin Jin, Sungwhan Yang, Sungoh Im, Won-Joong Jeong, EunJeong Park, and Dong-Woog Choi
J Plant Biotechnol 2017;44:287-295
Overexpression of an oligopeptide transporter gene enhances heat tolerance in transgenic rice
Eun-Ju Jeong, Jae-Young Song, Dal-A Yu, Me-Sun Kim, Yu-Jin Jung, Kwon Kyoo Kang, Soo-Chul Park, and Yong-Gu Cho
J Plant Biotechnol 2017;44:296-302
Genetic diversity in kiwifruit germplasm evaluated using RAPD and SRAP markers
Kang Hee Cho, Yong-Bum Kwack, Seo Jun Park, Se Hee Kim, Han Chan Lee, and Mi Young Kim
J Plant Biotechnol 2017;44:303-311
Genetic diversity and population structure of Chinese ginseng accessions using SSR markers
Hyejin An, Jong-Hyun Park, Chi Eun Hong, Sebastin Raveendar, Yi Lee, Ick-Hyun Jo, and Jong-Wook Chung
J Plant Biotechnol 2017;44:312-319
The change of somatic cell embryogenesis in Kalanchoe pinnata because of agar concentration in stimulating root stress
Jongbum Park, Jin-Seok Kim, and Donggiun Kim
J Plant Biotechnol 2017;44:320-324
In vitro shoot propagation of Ranunculus kazusensis Makino, an endangered aquatic plant
Min Wan Park, Shi Hyun Ryu, Su Hwan Nam, and Kee Hwa Bae
J Plant Biotechnol 2017;44:325-329
Plant Regeneration via Adventitious Shoot Formation in Platycodon grandiflorum (Jacq. A. DC.)
Ju Young Kim, Hyun Sun Na, and Pil Son Choi
J Plant Biotechnol 2017;44:330-334
Effect of plant growth regulators and antioxidants on in vitro plant regeneration and callus induction from leaf explants of purple passion fruit (PassifloraedulisSims)
Yoon Sun Huh, Joung Kwan Lee, and Sang Young Nam
J Plant Biotechnol 2017;44:335-342
In vitro seed germination of Cymbidium aloifolium(L.) Sw., a potential medicinal Orchid from Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, India
Philip Robinson J., Jyoti Prasad Kakati, Sebastinraj J., and Suriya K
J Plant Biotechnol 2017;44:343-348
The Journal of the Korean Society of Plant Biotechnology(KSPBT) publishesoriginal, peer-reviewed articles dealing with all aspects of fundamental andapplied research in the field of plant biotechnology, which includes molecularbiology, genetics, biochemistry......
Analysis of growth pattern, gene expression and flavonoid contents under LED light wavelength in Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)
Yu Jin Jung ・Dae Hyun Kang ・Maral Tsevelkhoroloo ・Jun Kwan Moon ・Kwon Kyoo Kang
Received June 22, 2015; Accepted June 23, 2015.
Identification of functional SNPs in genes and their effects on plant phenotypes
Md. Amdadul Huq, Shahina Akter, III Sup Nou, Hoy Taek Kim, Yu Jin Jung, and Kwon Kyoo Kang
Received March 18, 2016; Accepted March 25, 2016.
A novel method for high-frequency transgenic shoot regeneration via Agrobacterium tumefaciens in flax (Linum usitatissimum L.)
Ramazan Beyaz, E. Selcen Dar?ın, Murat Aycan, Mustafa Kayan, and Mustafa Yıldız
Received April 24, 2016; Accepted April 25, 2016.
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