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Fig. 3. MtMKK5 enhances plant defense signaling pathways, but not ethylene signaling. (A) Overexpression of MtMKK5-HA and MtMKK5a-HA in Arabidopsis. Protein expression levels of the MtMKK5/MtMKK5a were determined using HRP-conjugated anti-HA antibodies. Actin was used as the internal control (upper panel). Seven-day-old seedlings with the Col-0, 35S-MtMKK5-HA, and 35S-MtMKK5a-HA phenotypes were grown under dark conditions (lower panel). Scale bars = 1 cm. (B) Disease symptoms in the Col-0, 35S-MtMKK5-HA, and 35S-MtMKK5a-HA seedlings. The direct spray method was used to infiltrate 3-week-old Arabidopsis with Pst DC3000 (OD600 = 0.002). The phenotypes were observed three days after inoculation. (C) Overexpression of MtMKK5a enhances the expression levels of the defense-related genes FRK1 and WRKY29. The transcript levels in the 35S-MtMKK5a-HA lines were determined using qRT-PCR. The error bars indicate the S.E. (n = 3); a Student’s t-test was performed (**, P < 0.01). Scale bars=1cm
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